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Old Fashioned Service, Responsibility  & Commitment with a modern edge.

Photography for Business


We love photography, specialising in architecture and food. Visit our galleries on this website to find the images you are looking for, or if we haven't shot it yet, we will shoot it for you now.

Writing for Business


We need to communicate every day. It could be an explanation, announcement, invitation, critical email, letter or report. Clear and immediate understanding of your message is our goal. We can help ensure your words are clear and suit the occasion. We concentrate on the message and the language.

Photograph Revival

Photo engineering


Mould, water damage, torn, creased, faded - whatever state your photo or document is in, provided there is still image information existing, we can revive, repair and archive. Don't despair, contact us for free advice.

Photography & styling of Food

Our stylist's  French heritage  brings a love of all things 'food' to our work. Her critical eye and an understanding of cooking, past and present, enhances her ability to present delicious, camera-ready food. Her perception of detail is very sharp.

Our Photography for Business practice is now 15 years old and well experienced in architectural work, home and garden, public spaces, horticultural production, fresh food preparation and presentation.
The latest full frame digital equipment is available, also classic medium format film in appropriate settings.
Conversations or communication with people around us - colleagues, business partners, existing or potential customers or your wider family group may not always go the way we intend. Take control - use our Writing for Business & Commerce Services to help you achieve the positive result you are seeking. 
Reviving old photographs and documents is especially rewarding, bringing to life family memories of previous generations and preserving that moment in time. Image elements that maybe beyond normal restoration can be replaced through photo-engineering.

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