Experience and a keen eye for detail leads to a quality result

7 reasons to book us for your food photography


  • Our experienced, French heritage food stylist has a natural eye for colour and detail.

  • Copyright is owned by the client on commissioned assignments.

  • We bring a full bag of studio props to make the final images ‘pop’.

  • Professional full frame cameras, lenses and lighting.

  • Post shoot image processing is ‘in house’.

  • Deadline sensitive.

  • We are shoot ready when you are ready.

Food work


Well photographed food should make you mouth-wateringly hungry. When leafing through cookbooks however, some of the images don't inspire. The photography has failed.


The photographer has a difficult job with only visual sense to work with - no smell, no taste. Creating a food image which tempts your taste buds just by looking, takes skill, finesse and team co-ordination. The result should be pictures to complement the recipe or food story.


Because food generally has a short photo-life window, all important is co-ordinated teamwork. It is critical the chef, stylist and photographer are ready to capture the moment. By prearranging static elements of a food shoot when the real subject is presented, image capture is immediate.

Photography using natural light is our first choice, however adequate lighting is always essential. The subtlety of natural tonings must be respected but we have a full complement of lighting equipment with 'understudy' food used to fine tune any studio lighting that may be needed. Our aim is to create the best food image that realistically portrays the subject, avoiding expectation of a recipe or menu which cannot be achieved.  Our lens bag gives us many options, from a wide angle table setting shoot to close up macro, highlighting one dish or even part of one dish.

We have our own stylist who is very experienced with colour composition, shoot construction and plate arrangements. Her approach is low key aiming to reduce shoot clutter, whilst maintaining the natural ambience of the subject. She has a very sharp eye and plenty of tricks to maintain that 'just cooked' food appearance.

We are very happy to offer a free shoot consultation, which will help direct your ideas and expectation of a shoot, helping us to assess that the  result you have in mind is achievable. At this stage, any necessary shoot planning modifications will produce a cost effective, quality result.

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