Our Clients can expect...
  • Prompt attention.
  • Confident, professional service.

  • Timely finished work delivery.

  • Photoshop expert.

  • I am the photographer.

  • Inhouse post processing.

  • Absolute discretion.

  • Pre-shoot site visit is free.

  • Flexible payment terms.

  • Reasonable charges.

  • Job quotations available.

  • Unconditional guarantee.

We photograph...
  • Anything;   in particular...

  • Heritage homes and buildings.

  • Distressed and endangered structures.

  • Gardens & Parks. Private and Public.

  • Horticulture - especially fruit and vegetable production / packaging.

  • All stages of food production from fresh supplies, professional preparation to final presentation.

  • Heavy construction machinery.

  • Products & product development.

  • We are not wedding photographers.

Photography for Business

Based in Auckland, NZ, with over 15 years commercial photography experience we know how to create authentic pictures.

We are professional, deadline sensitive and moderately priced.

Our finished work, in file formats to suit your needs, can be used for any purpose, not limited to websites, brochures and print media. On commissioned assignments, unless otherwise agreed, copyright is owned by the client.

For digital work we use full frame professional grade cameras, lenses and lighting.

We work Nationwide in New Zealand and will quote for location shoots in Australia and Pacific Islands.


The latest digital full frame is in our gear bag, but here is something a little different, why not try the timeless, traditional look of film.  Shot on Ilford Delta 100 Black&White and Fuji Velvia colour reversal films using genuine Voigtlander and Leica rangefinder cameras and lenses. High resolution scanning to digital is faithful to genuine film.


Medium format (645) black & white film photography is now available from Images & Words, resulting in stunning poster sized print work. See some examples here.

Alex Donald, professional photographer

Photographic Director:

Alex B. Donald

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