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These tanks are the medium format photographer's best friend. Develop your 120 film easily, conveniently and with confidence of a good outcome. No dark room or change bag required. Do it all in your clean laundry or bathroom at home. Access to clean water at 20C is the most important requirement. I use these for all my 120 black and white developing and love the simplicity and convenience. These tanks despite being over 50 years old are robust, but be sure that all the components are present as each part plays a critical role in the developing process. A missing part, no matter seemingly how trivial will result in developing failure. This tank, one of several in my collection, is in perfect operational condition. Read review of the Rondinax 60 and watch short video here. Ask me any questions about the Rondinax  Alex Donald

Agfa Rondinax 120 roll film daylight developing tank

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