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The original Canonet (1961) is still a great imagemaker. We shot one of these on our 1970s European OE and nearly 50 years later the colour and sharpness of the slides still impresses. On many early rangefinders of the 1960s the positioning of the selenium light cells in the body front plate meant they could never be turned off as they generate current whenever exposed to light, so most other brands are permanently off. Canon's design with the cells arranged around the lens giving greater metering accuracy and also the ability, by using a lens cap, of turning the meter off. By remembering the lens cap the Canonet light cells still work when needed today. Our example presented here is in excellent overall operational condition, including lens cap, original lens hood, original eveready genuine leather case.

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Canon Canonet SE, 45mm F1.9 Canon lens S#700210

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