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This film developing kit has been built from our own experience and has all equipment needed except chemicals. It consists of: 1 x Patterson developing tank with 2 x 35/120 reels, 1 x large Patterson changing bag, 1 x film cassette end remover, 1 x ss film leader  retriever tool, 1 x Weston thermometer, 1 x Staedtler scissors, 1 x timer, 1 x Patterson film squeegee, 4 x Patterson film clips, 1 x stirring paddle, 3 x 1000ml premium measuring jugs, 1 x 100ml measuring cylinder. All the items comprising the kit are brand new. For indent order only. We do not hold stock so please allow about 5 weeks for delivery. Price on application which will be valid 30 days from quotation.

Ask any questions about our film developing kit here: Alex Donald

Film developing kit complete (no chemicals) all brand new items

  • Please read our terms of trade before ordering. Request further information here adonald@imagesandwords.co.nz