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These are very large cameras (18.5x11x4.5cm weighing in at 1.5kgs) but you knew this before you put one in your canera bag. They shoot very large pictures (60x90mm). The largest before large format equipment. The 90mm Fujinon lens is equivilent to about 35mm in 35 format terms. Quite a combination - a very simple camera with an outstanding lens. No lightmeter, rangefinder manual focus and manual film wind. 1 sec - 1/500th sec f3.5 - f32. No battery, nothing to go wrong. 8 frames per 120 roll makes you think carefuilly before pressing the shutter, translating into more keepers per roll. Not the most economical camera filmwise but moderated if you can develop your own black & white. I love using the 690 and save it for the best architectural subjects. This example is operationally perfect and cosmetically average, but no knocks or dents. The lens is pristine. Read our short review here. Ask any questions about the GW690 : Alex Donald

Fuji GW690 II Professional 120 medium format film camera S# 9120024

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