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If you shoot a Sony digital 35mm full frame E-mount you can use all these lenses via a lens to body adapter. This is made possible by Sony’s focus peaking function which clearly indicates focus achieved manually. Select the aperture required on the lens aperture ring and the shutter speed on camera opening up a wide range of quality manual focus lenses especially from the Minolta and Pentax stables. The K&F adapter we recommend is a precision photographic accessory of long lasting quality. We supply a new adapter with the lens. Lens focal length is not changed with adapter use which is merely a spacer with no optics. A very cost effective and workable addition to your lens lineup for use with your Sony full frame E-mount digital. The Minolta 28mm F2.8 is a quality, bright manual focus wide angle lens and when combined with the K&F Concept lens - body adapter is ideal with the Sony A7 series which has the focus peaking function. The Minolta lens is an A+ used item and the K&F Concept adapter is brand new. The A7II is for illustrative purposes only and is not included. Read our short review here.

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Minolta MD Rokkor-X 28mm F2.8 lens with K&F MD lens - E mount adapter

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