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Olympus created the SP in the early 1970s when it was reputed to be the best 35mm rangefinder and it maintains this reputation amongst film cameras today. The G Zuiko 42mm F1.7 lens - one of the best Zuiko lenses is beautifully sharp and contrasty. Automatic with shutter priority or full metered manual operation. Mechanical shutter means no need for battery to shoot. Battery runs the meter only. Use MRB625 1.35V Wein which we have in stock and a fresh battery is supplied with the camera to NZ purchaser. This SP is in A+ condition and working perfectly. A very usable eveready case and it's original box comes with the SP.

Ask any questions about the Olympus 35 SP: adonald@imagesandwords.co.nz

Olympus - 35 SP Rangefinder camera S#253951

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