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Sony Nex 7 is an APS-C digital camera with a 24.3 MP CMOS sensor. It has an Oled electronic viewfinder and a tiltable rear screen. Very portable - an ideal travel camera.  The  raw images are a very high quality with low noise up to 800 ISO. ISO can go up to 16000 and images are useable to high levels, but the trade off is the inevitable image noise at very high ISO's. The Zeiss 24mm lens is the ideal combination for this camera and rarely needs to be changed out - also being perfect for the 1080 video recording the Nex is capable of.  With appropriate adapters the Nex is capable of using virtually any lens which activates the manual focus peaking function. We have experienced Nikon and Voigtlander lenses with the Nex and found the focus peaking works well. We have had our Nex and lens, from new and sell with original box, 2 batteries, remote, leather eveready case, battery charger, lens caps, Voigtlander F-E adapter, Voigtlander M-E adapter and external microphone for video. CD instruction manual included. Purchase as body only or body and lens.

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Sony Nex 7 E-mount digital camera S#0172725 (lens options)

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